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Pete Way tribute show - TBC 2021

Due to the current Covid restrictions we hope to pay tribute & give Pete the send off he deserves in 2021. Watch this space...

Pete Way Band Shows 2019 / 2020

2019 shows

8th June : Sweden Rock Festival
13th June : 02 Academy Islington, London
27th July : Rock & Blues Custom Show
16th Aug : Bannerman's, Edinburgh
17th Aug : Cathouse, Glasgow 
19th Aug : Trillians, Newcastle
24th Oct : Underworld, London
25th Oct : Tivoli, Buckley
26th Oct : Hangar 18, Swansea
28th Nov : Eleven, Stoke
29th Nov : Winterstorm Festival, Troon
1st Dec : Waterloo, Blackpool


2020 shows
26th Jan : Real Time Live, Chesterfield
28th Jan : Robin 2, Bilston

Pete Way Band :
Pete Way - Vocals, Jason Poole - Bass, Clive Edwards - Drums, Tym Scopes - Guitar

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Photo Credit Andrew King -

2019 Live Show Reviews 

Pete Way Band – Custom House Hotel, Greenock, 18th August 2019

Even with the good going live room (everything from ceilidh and comedy to tribute and rock) that resides within the Custom House Hotel in Greenock, hosting the Pete Way Band, on a Sunday, the evening after they played a Glasgow city centre gig, is putting Pete Way between a Rock and roll set and a damned Hard Place to sell it.

Compounding the issue was the fact the Greenock gig was a late switch from a cancelled Aberdeen date; most Inverclyde area rock fans would, therefore, have attended the nearby Glasgow show.

But an audience there was, albeit an obviously smaller one than Glasgow, which is testament to the pulling power of Pete Way, his legacy and fan base (including one fan wearing an Aston Villa top, Pete Way’s other love; nice touch).

There was, frankly, serious doubts over whether Pete Way could deliver after such a long lay-off and recent, serious health issues (prostate cancer in 2013 and subsequent recovery; heart attack in 2016).
Those doubts were reinforced by earlier warm up shows and performances that were tentative and full of vocal uncertainty (Way, who sung lead on his last two solo projects, Amphetamine and The Plot (the latter with Michael Schenker) has since dropped bass playing duties to become front man of his own band).

But as witnessed on recent tour dates a tightening up on the road, coupled with better vocal discipline have led to much stronger performances (Pete Way will never be a great singer but he has an individualistic style that is part earthy, part punky and part Ian Hunter).
All of which was given voice (pun intended) across opening numbers 'You And Me' (the raw 'n' roll opener from The Plot) and the southern meets punk of 'Fooled Again,' from Amphetamine.

Nor does it hurt that Pete Way has a bloody good band around him.

Twin guitarists Laurence Archer and Tym Scopes are very different players (Archer is Flying V rock to Scopes’ blues ‘n’ slide) but they complement each other and the band perfectly.
Add in bassist and multi-instrumentalist Jason Poole and respected sticksman Clive Edwards (playing through the pain of a very badly sprained wrist on the night) and you have a band that can UFO it up ('Shoot Shoot,' 'Too Hot To Handle') and punk it out ('American Kid,' with its Mott the Hoople styled rock 'n' swagger, and the earthier and far edgier 'Crazy,' with Pete Way’s forthright declaration of "there ain’t no Alice here, this ain’t no wonderland!").

Mention of UFO leads to the observation, and clear decision by Pete Way, to make this about the new band and solo material as opposed to the easy out of resting on Legacy Band laurels (a set of UFO songs would probably be a bigger crowd puller, especially given Phil Mogg’s retirement, the sudden and sad passing of Paul Raymond and the band’s now uncertain future).

That there were as many songs from The Plot as there were UFO classics and a 3:1 ratio in favour of Pete Way solo material (the ballad 'Heartache' and the weighty, darker 'Narcotics' from the long delayed but forthcoming album Walking on the Edge also featured) tells you that, for as long as this lasts, Pete Way wants to make it about where he is now, not where he was then.

Ending on a UFO brace of 'Only You Can Rock Me' and 'Doctor Doctor' (one of two songs where Pete Way briefly strapped on the low slung Thunderbird bass for song intros while Jason Poole switched instrumentation) was a no brainer, however.

It guaranteed a vociferous and well received finish to a gig the band could as easily have politely refused offer on, once the Aberdeen cancellation was confirmed.

But where there’s a will there’s a Way; one that’s happy to play and even happier that he still can play, given the aforementioned health issues and rock and roll excesses lived to the full, as admitted to, and described within, his recent autobiography Fast Ride Out of Here.

That should be applauded as loudly as any UFO classic.   

Ross Muir - FabricationsHQ

Photo Credits : Andrew King

Pete Way Band - Cathouse, Glasgow 17th August 2019

It has been a long time since the legend that is Pete Way has been in Glasgow and with his numerous health problems I had no idea what to expect and going in with an open mind I was thoroughly impressed with the bass player turned singer.

I was luckily enough to meet the man for interview before the show and having heard all sorts of rumours about the man I was completely blown away by his honesty, his integrity and his charm. There is nothing to dislike about this man and considering UFO were one of the first bands I got into as I moved away from punk in 1979 and my first taste of Pete live was 1982 where I also got to meet him as a 15 year old, totally sweaty from an amazing show and parched. I asked Pete for a drink of his water and with a smile he handed me his glass which I duly gulped down to find it was straight Vodka. What a man...even if he did almost piss himself laughing at me coughing my guts up.

From that day on I knew this man was what rock stars were all about and I have seen him in every band he has been in since. Luckily tonight is loaded with songs from Pete’s whole career but there is one striking difference...he is singing.

This gave me a few worries to be honest but Pete admitted straight away that he really wasn’t a singer but he was asked to perform at a charity gig a few years ago and Phil Mogg could not make it so they asked Pete if he could do it. Not wanting to let anyone down he gave it a bash...why the hell not he wrote a lot of those songs.

I will be honest there were a few worried faces in the crowd tonight but it was a really good turn out so everyone was willing to give this a chance and by the end of the show everyone was smiling and everyone had been singing their hearts out, tonight was a special gig.

After an intro tape the band went into “You and Me” and “American Kid” and we quickly got accustomed to Pete standing at the front, no bass and a seriously sparkly purple top.  The man was pulling this off for sure and then when “Shoot, Shoot” came blasting out of the speakers the crowd went nuts. I suspect a good few here tonight were at the UFO last orders gig where it turned out to be Paul Raymond’s last show and everyone would admit readily that Pete is no Phil but this song sounded excellent, it had a real punk attitude with Pete on vocals and it just worked.

Pete really looked to be enjoying himself and he told stories of his love for Glasgow and how getting this city’s acceptance was always a highlight of any tour and drummer Clive Edwards said to Pete this was the best of the shows to date with Pete saying but what does he know...he is a drummer. That was followed up with Pete saying don’t take it out of him, he is injured, strapped up and basically playing with one hand...and then followed up with welcome to Def Leppard’s new drummer.

There was a real party atmosphere and this continued with a song from the yet to be released album “Walking on the Edge” in “Narcotics”. On the album Slash plays the guitar parts and chose this song personally purely on the basis the chorus states the words Peruvian Cocaine. No matter the stories this is one hell of a song, it is catchy, has a brilliant sing along and a huge kick. There was no Slash tonight obviously but I really need to comment on the two guitarists on stage tonight. Laurence Archer and Tym Scopes were incredible. The two were a formula that should not have worked, one an out and out rocker and the other totally dripping in the blues but together they were on fire. I also cannot leave out Jason Poole on bass as he was a demon on that stage and I have to say Pete has surrounded himself with a band so tight he just could not fail to entertain.

From one unreleased song to another in “Heartache” and yes this is a ballad and a brilliant one at that. The set is short  so you know we are going to get the final run in with some UFO classics and we are not disappointed with “Too Hot to Handle”, “Doctor Doctor” and the closer “Only You Can Rock me”.

I was 15 again, any worries were left outside of this venue and I cannot believe once again I am standing in front of Pete after 37 years, christ with all he has been through he should be dead but here we both are again, him entertaining me just like that sweaty kid all those years ago and still the rock star he was then.

I loved tonight’s show and I will look forward to seeing him again at Winterstorm festival in November...sometimes you can never get enough of your heroes.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie

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Pete Way Band - Rock & Blues Custom Show Coney Grey Showground, Pentrich, 27th July 2019

The real surprise of the day was going to be original bassist of UFO, Pete Way who has his own band now, aptly called 'Pete Way Band' with a couple of guys from the UFO associated family in there like Drummer, Clive Edwards and Guitarist, Laurence Archer. He had hung up his bass and took on the role of frontman which we were all curious about.

Could he pull it off? Well as Steve Hughes rightly states, “It started a bit shakey but he turned it around and had everyone behind him”.Performing many songs from his previous album, 'Amphetamine', Mr. Way and the band really grabbed our attention not to mention taking it up a level or two with a few UFO cuts like 'Too Hot To Handle' and 'Only You Can Rock Me' towards the end.

He literally had the entire tents congregation in his hands and was overjoyed at the response, thanking us many times for the appreciation, not to mention strapping on his bass for a number too – how can he resist it? Amid more applause!

After this reception, I can see his shows around the UK and beyond being really successful. Well Done Pete! Now go and check out my interview with him if you haven't already. A new album out soon as well!

Review and Photographs By Glenn Milligan

Pete Way Band - Rock & Blues Custom Show Coney Grey Showground, Pentrich, 27th July 2019

A bit like Myke Gray’s set, I caught the Pete Way Band in two parts. A few songs at the start and then a few songs at the end, which ended up being the culmination of the set with a few classic UFO numbers. I had had the pleasure of interviewing Pete Way before he went onstage and he was really looking forward to entertaining the Rock and Blues crowd tonight and had put together a set that covered his career for them to enjoy. Opening up with You and Me and then going into American Kid from his Amphetamine album gave the set a solid start but throwing in Shoot Shoot as the 3rd track really got the crowd going. The band looked like they were really up for this tonight as I left to go back out to Myke Gray and I was cursing the unfortunate but essential stage clash.  

A cheeky look at the set list on stage told me that the bulk of the set that I missed came from Pete’s solo career, Drinking Tonight, Narcotics and Heartache were titles I noted and I think there were some Waysted tunes thrown in as well, possibly Crazy ‘Bout the Stuff and Heaven Tonight. Anyway on my return I found an absolutely rammed arena who were lapping up this set from the legendary ex-UFO bassist as they kicked back in with a storming version of Too Hot to Handle. I seemed to have arrived just in time as Mr Way pulled out his bass very briefly to play the intro to Doctor Doctor before going back to his vocal job. When you have a back catalogue like this that you can pull on, you are surely on to a winner and that seemed to be the case tonight as the tent was filled with the sounds of a packed audience singing along to this classic tune.  

I think it is fair to say that tonight the Pete Way Band could do no wrong. This was their audience and they were satisfying their every whim so closing out with Only You Can Rock Me meant it was party time in the tent. There were air drummers, air guitarists and wannabe vocalists everywhere and rightly so as this is a song of great calibre that deserves to be heard and sung-a-long to whenever possible. It was a great finish to a set that I had only seen part of but from what I witnessed everybody seemed to love it.

Review & Photography by Darren Smith for metalplanetmusic

DarrenSmithMetalPlanetMusic 01.jpg

Pete Way Band : Deadland Ritual & Pete Way band at 02 Academy, Islington : 13th June 2019

Pete Way has assembled a fine selection of musicians to accompany him on his 2019 tour. On stage with him he has Laurence Archer (Grand Slam), slide guitarist Tym Scopes, ex Waysted multi-instrumentalist Jason Poole and on drums, from the Wild Horses, Clive Edwards. Way himself, is a legend, having been in UFO and Waysted along side many other projects which enables him to drawer on a back catalogue of stellar material. Those two factors tonight meant that the bands set was always going to be entertaining.

I have never seen Pete Way before, but have read about his recent health issues and his over exuberant use of drugs and alcohol in his younger years, it was after all, the rock n roll lifestyle he was leading, wasn’t it. With everything that has gone before him in that regard, the ability to still be able to perform on stage is amazing and I guess we should not expect the wild, athletic performer of yesteryear, after all, he is closer to 70 than to 60. The fact that he has surrounded himself with such great musicians and was able to draw on that back catalogue, along with his own status, saw the crowd filling up before he had taken to the stage.

Opening up with the crowd pleasing “You and Me”, it gave the band around him the chance to shine straight away, despite some early technical issues. With some tantalising solos’ and heavy riffs, the song and the band were greeted with huge applause. “American Kid” was up next, with Laurence Archer showing what a superb guitarist he is as he churned out riffs and solos’s whilst the band suffered more issues, this time it being Tym Scopes guitar not working. It was then time to delve into that UFO back catalogue and the opening bars of “Shoot Shoot” were received with cheers and applause and gave the crowd a real chance to open their lungs and sing back to Pete Way at his every request.

From there we got a very heavy and frantic paced “Might as well go drinkin”, which sections of the crowd were suggesting that is what Mr Way had been doing a bit too much of before he took to the stage. “Narcotics”, a new song from the soon to be released album “Walking on the Edge”, which was co-written with Guns N Roses guitarist Slash, was the only new song we got tonight. A real heavy rocker, full of riffs and solos, it gives hope that the new album will be a great piece of work when it is finally released.

Throughout tonight’s set, there had been a lot of ramblings from the frontman. Were they drunken ramblings, I don’t know, but there were definitely those that thought they were. It just meant that they had to drop one track from their set as time ran out. The final two songs could only come from one band, couldn’t they, yep UFO, of course. Putting “Too Hot to Handle” and “Doctor Doctor” together to finish their time on stage was a master stroke. The crowd lapped up every minute of these songs, especially when they were asked to sing “Doctor Doctor” as Pete informed them “He doesn’t sing it very well and doesn’t know all the words”. Anyway, sing they did and they did it well. The band, as they had been all the way through the set were just superb and you got the feeling that for the most part, the crowd enjoyed that 7 song set from the ex-UFO man.

Review by Sydney -Jane Smith
Photography by Darren Smith for

Pete Way Band : The Underworld, Camden : 24th Oct 2019

Following a Carmina Burana intro Pete Way took the stage with his impressively talented band that delivered big riffs and unsurprisingly delivered the goods. Unafraid to be himself Pete is determined to actually be in control much as he hams up the idea that all is chaos. There are some technical problems, but rather than trying to hide them he made a feature of them in so doing endearing himself to the crowd. Although not a vocalist by training Pete can hit the right notes and he knows how to strike a pose with his leopard scarf decorated mike stand and has a slightly punky delivery which is, well, exactly Pete! He looks very comfortable as a front man and when he wants to talk and tell a story he makes sure that he does. Most of his entertainment value is being a larger than life rock n roll character, much like Ozzy actually, and he knows just how to play all the cards that he has. Very boldly they include new material like ‘Narcotics’ which is not even available yet. However, despite the monologues and unfamiliar material he is undoubtedly fascinating to watch and doesn’t lose the crowd at any point.

They do, of course, get to UFO material and, undoubtedly, the vibration of the crowd heightens at that point. The show ends with ‘Too Hot to Handle’, ‘Only You Can Rock Me’ and ‘Doctor Doctor’ with blistering solos and Pete’s undoubted charm the audience give them a rapturous reception. Is Pete the best rock n roll vocalist in the world? No. Is he a rock n roll legend with undoubted charisma who knows how to keep the attention of an audience for every second he’s on stage. Undoubtedly, yes. Don’t go to see the Pete Way Band expecting to see UFO, but do go expecting to be entertained.

Review by : Dawn Osborne

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