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By Pete Way Official, Oct 31 2019 01:16PM

Former UFO, Waysted, Fastway and Ozzy Osbourne bass legend, Pete Way, has been touring the UK for the past 6 months on the first leg of what is a world tour after a period of ill health. He has put together an extremely talented band which are attracting great critical acclaim as The Pete Way Band. With a new album “Walking On The Edge” due for release in February 2020 and featuring guest spots by Slash, Kenny Aronoff and Nikki Sixx.

It seemed a good time to reissue Way’s last solo album “Amphetamine” which comes as a reissued CD and a special edition 12” white vinyl album with an embossed sleeve signed by Pete Way.

Only 500 of these will ever be pressed and comes as a numbered limited edition. The material contained therein accounts for 80% of the titles covered in his current live set. The set is also sprinkled with UFO and Waysted hits so the album is becoming familiar to those who are following the tour.

Available now for pre-order to reserve a copy of the special edition.


By Pete Way Official, Oct 29 2019 04:36PM

Following a Carmina Burana intro Pete Way took the stage with his impressively talented band that delivered big riffs and unsurprisingly delivered the goods. Unafraid to be himself Pete is determined to actually be in control much as he hams up the idea that all is chaos. There are some technical problems, but rather than trying to hide them he made a feature of them in so doing endearing himself to the crowd. Although not a vocalist by training Pete can hit the right notes and he knows how to strike a pose with his leopard scarf decorated mike stand and has a slightly punky delivery which is, well, exactly Pete! He looks very comfortable as a front man and when he wants to talk and tell a story he makes sure that he does. Most of his entertainment value is being a larger than life rock n roll character, much like Ozzy actually, and he knows just how to play all the cards that he has. Very boldly they include new material like ‘Narcotics’ which is not even available yet. However, despite the monologues and unfamiliar material he is undoubtedly fascinating to watch and doesn’t lose the crowd at any point.

They do, of course, get to UFO material and, undoubtedly, the vibration of the crowd heightens at that point. The show ends with ‘Too Hot to Handle’, ‘Only You Can Rock Me’ and ‘Doctor Doctor’ with blistering solos and Pete’s undoubted charm the audience give them a rapturous reception. Is Pete the best rock n roll vocalist in the world? No. Is he a rock n roll legend with undoubted charisma who knows how to keep the attention of an audience for every second he’s on stage. Undoubtedly, yes. Don’t go to see the Pete Way Band expecting to see UFO, but do go expecting to be entertained.

Review : Dawn Osborne