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Pete Way " A Fast Ride Out Of Here" Confessions of Rock's Most Dangerous Man

By Pete Way Official, May 13 2017 12:13AM

Hi guys. A big thank you for all you kind comments about my new book. In case you missed it here is a few paragraphs of Malcolm Dome's recent review of my Autobiography for this month's Classic Rock Magazine

"Anyone who’s met Pete Way will have a wealth of stories about him. He’s that sort of character – forever at the centre of lunacy. That has been the course of his life, and thankfully his autobiography captures exactly this side of him.

Way has always engendered mirth, affection, irritation and frustration in equal measure. He is a genuine personality who has left in his trail a series of improbable events. Of course, the former UFO bassist is not alone in this; rock is full of such dynamic individuals. Yet many rock autobiographies are simply dull and boring,a boastful melée of sex, drugs and booze, and opportunities for the author to deliver bitter diatribes against those who’ve supposedly wronged them.

In A Fast Ride Out Of Here Way has avoided such traps, and in the process come up with an entertaining romp that is also informative about his life in music with UFO, Waysted and more. And when you get to the end of the book you feel a real warmth for him"

Click the link to read more : http://teamrock.com/review/2017-04-30/a-fast-ride-out-of-here-confessions-of-rocks-most-dangerous-man-review

PETE WAY has lived a life so outrageous, shocking, and full of incident that rock wild man - and his regular partner in crime - Ozzy Osbourne once said 'They call me a madman but compared to Pete Way I'm out of my league.'

Pete Way "A Fast Ride Out Of Here" autobiography

Published by "Little Brown"

Available from Waterstones & all good book shops

Click the link to buy :


Love Pete xxx

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