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Pete Way has established himself as a much-loved and highly regarded figure among

rock fans, critics and fellow musicians alike.


Best known for his work with UFO, Pete’s energetic live performances were at the

heart of the band’s countless world tours, and his melodic basslines underpinned the

catalogue of enduring Rock classics upon which UFO’s reputation and legacy are founded.


Indeed, in a recent radio interview, Pete attributed the band’s ability to

weather changes in the musical landscape

(UFO had a Top 30 album in the UK at the height of punk),

and in the band’s line-up over the years, to the strength of their songs.


The briefest glance at the songwriting credits of any of the albums recorded

during the band’s 70s/80s peak period,

many of which attained high chart positions in both the UK and US charts,

will show just how significant

Pete’s contribution to the style and sound that appealed, and continues to appeal,

to generations of Rock fans around the world; fan favourites such as

“Too Hot To Handle”, “Lights Out” and “Shoot Shoot” all bear the hallmarks of

Pete’s signature songwriting style, and are cornerstones of the band’s live set to this day.


Pete’s post-UFO work has included stints with Fastway (alongside members of

Motorhead and Humble Pie),

Ozzy Osbourne, and his own long-running band Waysted, whose albums featured

more songs in which Pete’s songwriting contributions were prominent.


The Waysted back catalogue contains another brace of tracks

(such as “Love Loaded” and “Heaven Tonight”) which have followed in the footsteps of

Pete’s work with UFO in becoming fan favourites to this day.


The popularity and lasting appeal of so many songs co-written by Pete Way is still

ongoing, in some cases 3 to 4 decades after their original release.

Recent years have seen an extensive re-issue campaign via EMI, covering

UFOs 70s and 80s albums, along with collections of vintage live and session

performances from the band.


In 2013 alone, two such collections have been released, again via EMI, in the shape of the

“UFO at the BBC” box set and the “Hot ‘N’ Live – The Chrysalis Anthology 1974-1983” live album,

and two classic Waysted albums from the 80s (“Vices” and “Save Your Prayers”) from the 80s have

also been re-issued, due to demand for these releases on CD.


Pete’s keen ear for song arrangement has also seen him serve as producer for popular

Hard Rock acts such as Twisted Sister and the Cockney Rejects

(whose Way-produced album “The Wild Ones” has just been re-issued on cd).


Pete’s ability in the production field was also developed while working with such

respected producers as George Martin (famed for his work with The Beatles) and Ron Nevison

(whose credits include Led Zeppelin, The Who, Meat Loaf and Heart) during his UFO days.


Pete is currently about to release his latest solo album, “Walking On The Edge”,

sees him adding to a peerless catalogue of classic Hard Rock songs, with fresh material

bearing all the trademarks of the melodic, memorable style for which he is known.